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Common Home Repair Tips

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In today’s economy everyone is trying to save a buck. Why not start at your own home? These common home repair tips will have you feeling accomplished and proud of yourself after completion while saving you money.

1. Toilet Uses Too Much Water

This is a common problem that can cause your water bills to be inflated higher than they should be. Most toilets are using twice the water that they need to actually get the job done. Think of how many times you use the toilet at home in which it would barely require any water to complete its task? This simple solution involves placing bricks or bags full of rocks in the toilet tank. This causes less water to fill in the tank after each flush which definitely adds up over time. This can be a great money saver here in Florida where many retirees reside and are normally at home on most days.

2. High Sprinkler Costs

Watering during the summer can cause very high water bills but these tips will help cut down on the amount of water used during the hottest part of the year will keeping that lawn thick, and green. At the beginning of the spring make sure to use a water conserving fertilizer. This will cause your grass roots to grow deeper pulling in more natural water. This type of fertilizer will also “trick” you grass into needing less water while becoming healthier overall. You’ll also want to water just before dawn during the coolest part of the day. This is so the water does not evaporate and watering at night after a hot day actually causes the water to dry out quickly as well so make sure to water just before morning. A sprinkler system on a timer can also cut down on costs so that you are not over-watering. Each zone only needs to be watered between 7-10 minutes, anything more than that is just wasted and usually runs off into the street.

3. Cutting Heating and Cooling Costs With Insulation

A small investment in insulation can mean big savings when it comes to heating and cooling costs. You’ll want to make sure that any attic space that you have in your home is properly insulated. Many states also give rebates for funding major insulation overhauls in your home. Insulation does exactly what it is supposed to, keeps heat in during the cold part of the year and keeps cool air in during the hot part of the year. This means less in heating and cooling costs, sometimes making a difference of hundreds in a given year. Our friends at Garage Door MN also have some very important tips when it comes to insulation. They provide garage door repair in Woodbury, MN as well as the entire Minneapolis metro area. They recommend making sure the walls connecting your garage door and house are properly insulated as well since a lot of heat and cool can be lost through the garage in particular.

These tips can be great money savers for your home, make sure you take action on them as soon as possible. If you have any other money saving home repair tips make sure to send us an email.

Home Preparation Tips for Storm Season

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There are many things that you can do as a homeowner to prepare for storm season. The first and most obvious include stocking up on common household items like toiletries as well as food and water. You can never have too much of food and water especially since you will not be able to get to the grocery store for days, and in the worst circumstances weeks. You also don’t want to be caught without toilet paper during those times so make sure to stock up on that. Another essential item that people forget about sometimes is batteries. Since the power will most likely be out for a few days you want to make sure to have batteries to run your flashlights and radios.

There are many things that should be done to the outside of your home to prepare for storm season. Make sure that any leaks that you have noticed during regular rainstorms have been patched. A hurricane is the last time you want to be dealing with an unrepaired leak. You also want to make sure the seals around all windows and doors are tight and waterproof. Our friends over at Garage Door MN recommend making sure the seal below your garage door is waterproof to prevent garage flooding. These are essential preparation measures so that standing water does not cause any damage to your floor or foundation.

If you have vehicles that are outside because you only have a car port or do not have a garage then you should invest in a heavy duty car cover. Make sure it is one that will stay on the car during heavy winds and ties into the vehicle in many different spots. The reason a car cover is recommended is that it can help protect your car from being scratched from flying debris. There are also many car covers that have padding on the inside that can help defend heavier objects like rocks and branches. If you do not have a car cover with padding on the inside, you can line the inside with old blankets and pillows so that you can protect your car from damage. One other protective measure you should do for your home is to board up the windows. This prevents them from being shattered in the middle of a raging storm.

Taking these extra precautions during storm season could make the difference between minimizing repair costs afterward or paying large amounts to fix damages.